Shillong – ‘The Scotland of East’

Travel to ‘The Scotland of East’ – Shillong, Meghalaya, India Travel to the hills has been the most mesmerising experience after stressful days in bustling cities. Shillong is rich with its natural beauty, culture and heritage. The breathtaking views of lakes, hills, waterfalls, lush green surroundings, clean roads and delicious local food make Shillong theContinue reading “Shillong – ‘The Scotland of East’”

How to Help Your Child with Autism?

Your home is a new abode with numerous unexplained surprises, both happy and sometimes stressful. Diagnosis of autism may be frightful to most of the families. You may not know how to accept it and continue a healthy routine life. Can reading and gathering information regarding autism provide possible solutions to your queries?   Yes, youContinue reading “How to Help Your Child with Autism?”

eDIGImonk Helps Boost your Business with Creative Writing

Being a mother, freelancing enables me to maintain work-life harmony. It has helped me learn the skill of time management impeccably. So, you can trust me if I commit to complete your project within the given time frame as mutually decided upon. Few of my expertise that can be of service to the world areContinue reading “eDIGImonk Helps Boost your Business with Creative Writing”